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 Where There Is A Will There Is A Way 

Date of Publish - Wednesday, 3rd October 2018

Down below is an inspirational story which morals the idea of where there is a will, there is a way.

Long ago, near regions of China lived a well known businessman whose main source of income was through selling combs. Having realized that he was getting older and a little inefficient day by day, he decided to drop the business as the responsibility of someone equally wise and trustworthy. in order to test which among his three sons was the most capable one, he decided to give them a simple task. He called all the three and asked them to sell the combs in a Buddhist monastery. The sons started ridiculing the task as everyone was well aware of the fact that the monks in any monastery never grew hair. Yet, for the sake of owning the business, they went ahead with it.

Two days later, the first son, having completed his task reported back to his father saying he had sold two combs. Upon being asked the strategy, he replied that he had be-fooled the monks by mentioning that the comb would be a valuable tool to scratch their backs in case they suffered from any sort of itching or infection. The father was satisfied, but definitely not impressed.

Two more days later, the second son reported and said that he had sold 10 combs by reasoning that the combs would be helpful for the visitors and pilgrims to comb their hair which would have earlier been disturbed by the wind on the way to the monastery. Again, the father was a little more satisfied, but not very impressed.

A few days later, returned the third son with a  massive sales figure of over a thousand combs. Shocked and impressed about having performed above his expectations, the father curiously asked him about the strategy that he used. He replied that all he did was convinced the monks that if the writings of Buddha were written down on the combs and given as takeaways to the tourists that visited, it would help them remember those noble teachings while they combed their hair everyday. This idea struck them and they bought over a thousand combs. 

After being disappointed twice, the father was finally impressed and decided that the nobody else could be entrusted with the task of handling the business as well as his third son did. All the credit goes to the wise-ness he portrayed and the constant thought that he put into making an impossible task completely possible. The moral of the story is evidently the phrase "where there is a will, there is a way". Thus having a strong will power is extremely important in order to succeed in our long term goals and to make conditions favorable to our situations.

Author :
Grace Serraon


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